Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Freedom's Birthday Party

It was a full moon ago, dahling, when Freedom, muy simpatico and unico hijo of the fab couple Loven and Fate Ramos, celebrated his birthday at his grandmother Doña Love's garden mansion at le exotique Tagbak. It was definitely a chi-chi affair attended by glam and fab people from the worlds of fashion, entertainment, media and politics. Palangga, Freedom's Lola Nanny was seen here, there and everywhere attending to the guests. Her Tita Lovegrace, in no less than a Zac Posen number, was also busily making sure the affair runs smoothly. Freedom, in a bespoke Ralph Lauren baby blue number, is on an extended vacation here from Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia. Visibly absent were his parents Loven, creative director of Spoolworks and Fate, the lady with the 4 B's, breeding, body, booty and boobs, who were tied up with work. Apres when everyone was filled with food and beveragic delight, everyone endulged in more gossiping and dessert. Definitely, the party was a success, n'est ce past? Bon natale Freedom!

The birthday boy

Nanny and Freedom

Nanny, Tita Suzette w AJ and Tita Chinx

The 'ol fashion icing cake.

with Lola Love

freedom with lola nanny

flying kiss before i leave

moi with the little rascal

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Faith said...

Don, thank you very much for posting this. We will celebrate another bday here in angkor and you will be with us na hehehe