Sunday, August 12, 2007

Night out with Gian, Tina and Patrick.

Night out with the guys. Plus I met Emmanuele 'Nikki' Lopez

Martita de los Santos

John C., Tina, Gian & Patrick

Gian & Patrick doing tsika tsika.

Patrick & Jasmine Castelo

Eric de los Santos & Tina

JR, Gian Magalona & Ian

Norman Crisologo & Gian

Ivan, a friend, Mike & Bo

Mike & moi

Moi, wearing the cock feather creation of Emmanuele 'Nikki' Lopez. Part of his 'Genghis Khan' collection for fall/winter 2007. He never allowed me to take his picture but he was so nice to me (quite unusual given his bratty attitude to most).

An excerpt of our conversation:
Nikki: I hardly know anybody from this place.
Me: How come? You're from here.
Nikki Lopez: I am never from here.
Me: Oh, really? Where are you from?
Nikki: Paris! I'm going back there next week.

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