Thursday, August 30, 2007

Preview Magazine's 12 Young Designers to Watch Out For

Preview picks the city's hottest new fashion design talents and teams up with the mannequins of the Proffesional Models Association of the Philippines in celebration of it's 20th Year.

The cover

Don Protasio (ehem)

Martin Benedict Bautista

Regine Dulay

Janno Farrales

Jerome Lorico

Catherine Cavilte

Bea Albert

Aries Lagat

Joel Escober

Tina Navarro

Donn Delantar

Veejay Floresca

'Evening Splendor' is Photographed by Jeanne Young, Sittings Editor: Liz Uy, Giselle Go, Mariane Perez. Art Direction by: Vince Uy. Preview September 2007 Issue. Special thanks to JM Ballaran for the scans! :D (lifted from Martin Bautista's blog)


Lyka Bergen said...

Wow! Don! Congratulations!

Ivan said...

hi don. i made a comment when this post first got uploaded but apparently, it got sucked by the cyberworld blackhole. (what a good alibi for a late post huh? but really, this one's true. hahaha)

congratulations and i'm sure that more of these good exposures are in the pipeline. just do well and great all the time. i'm sure that some crazy dogs will start barking your way anew but let them be. that's just the way crazy dogs act :)

fuchsiaboy said...

lyka, thanks

ivan, thanks. you know me. i love animals, especially, dogs.

Moi said...

Darling, This is one fasyon moment immortalized in glossy pages of Preview. Im so proud of you.

Dont worry, Love ko na si Pauline Suaco because of this.

I dont like Ivan's comment. Its so unfashionable to say "pipeline" ewwww

Plum S., Candice B, and Moi so proud of you.