Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ali Baba

Been thrifting lately but more on finding pieces for my house. One of my staff tipped me off that he saw this 'antiques' place near Psar Lu, on the way to Cheungju. So one free day I checked it out and actually had a bit of hard time locating it. It's called Ali Baba and they sell mostly Khmer 'antiques'.

If I had a bigger space I would love to have a group of these jars. There's also a mirror I love there but it's priced at US$150, which I think is steep because I saw a similar one in another antiques store and they were selling it at US$70. That time I didn't need a large mirror so I passed. The last time I checked it was sold already, sayang.

I ended up buying some bowls at US$1.50 each. I plan to go back and buy some more, probably some serving dish and cups, too. I rarely drink coffee nor tea at home nowadays so I totally forgot buying some cups when I was in Bangkok. I'd probably need some if I plan to have some of my friends sleep over. I got lucky to find some really nice wine glasses in the thrift shop, too. It's made in Scandinavia. I also got some clear plastic storage containers from Japan in the same thrift stop.


Anonymous said...

Cool!:-) You inspire me to check out the local Brockis here too.:-) I'm looking forward to seeing how you will be able to put together the look of your new home. Happy thrifting.:-)


fuchsiaboy said...

thrifting is such a happy activity for me. recently i've discovered new places to thrift and i'm excited to go there all the time.

Anonymous said...

Yup. I can sense your real passion for thrifting indeed. It's contagious!