Saturday, February 26, 2011

Amansara Dinner

The other day I was invited by my besties Faith and Loven for a simple dinner at Amansara. I always LOVE having meals there. It's not ostentasious but exudes elegance in a manner that's refined and cultivated. I always feel the same way when I eat at the home of Tito Gil and Tita Cora Kabayao. Nothing overtly formal but at the same time you know every detail, every morsel and crumb was given attention and thought. I mean just the simple flower arrangement that greeted me in Amansara evoked the mood that followed. I wished I had a camera to record what I ate. I terribly miss my Ricoh and I hope to get a replacement soon. Anyway, I had lentil and sour cream soup for starters. It's like a fusion of daal soup and raita in one bowl. It was quite interesting especially paired with their bromite free bread. For my main I had seabass with artichokes salad. It was delicious and light. The highlight though was the dessert of ricotta cheese inside an eggwhite roll with blueberry ice cream. Quite similar to Brazo de Mercedes except for the ricotta filling. I had another serving because it was that amazing. Faith promised to give me that on my birthday! I forgot the name of the wine but it was a sauvignon blanc. I was so full and sleepy after the meal.

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Anonymous said...

I can just imagine how you miss your missing camera but I've realized what an eye for pictures (like what you have) mean too. A friend of mine has the same ordinary camera as ours but, my, her pics are eye-popping compared to ours.

Your Amansara dinner sounded like a real gustatory treat.:-)