Saturday, February 19, 2011

Yet Another Bangkok Visit

With Julius...

and Kawadjan at Dean & Deluca.

I was back in Bangkok recently to meet my family for our vacation there and here in Cambodia. Our 3 days in Bangkok were spent shopping, touring (although I happily skipped this part and went book hunting instead) and eating. I had 2 days for myself before my family arrived and I was lucky to have spent time with Julius and Kawadjan, my bff's there. They invited me to a house party in their friend's house, which was fun because I got to meet a lot of their other friends. We also had time to try Dean&Deluca. Masarap naman. Reminds me of the Dean&Deluca tote bag I have here. I don't know if Kawadjan wants it because I think he wanted to buy one when we were there. Julius and I bonded together over plates, glasses and Muji because he accompanied me in shopping for housewares. Housewares! How weird is that that I'm shopping for cutleries, wine crystals and all those stuff? Nowadays I'm obsessing over food containers, the right flat iron and the importance of buying the proper 8" knife. Teflon frying pan I'm hunting for you! Thank goodness Julius was with me because I was just overwhelmed but at the same time so giddy with excitement. There's just so many cool stuff in Bangkok but also I have to consider my budget. I'm quite happy with my purchases. My family had fun going around. We gorged on Thai food, fresh fruit and, especially me, McDonalds Filet O' Fish burger. They also had time checking out the electronics in MBK and, of course, I gladly left them and instead went toiling around the Bangkok Arts & Culture Centre. Oh, and checked out Comme des Garcons and friends, too. Our last night we had dinner at Somtam and it's so funny because we ordered 3 different versions of tilapia dish: with mangoes, fried with garlic and a herb-y version. Thing is tilapia is so common and abundant in Roxas where my family lives. Random thoughts: We had a hard time looking for iBerry. My brother loves Swensen's Celebrity Brownie ice cream. My nephew Gino loves going around everywhere as long as he is full of milk and there's aircon. I love the magazines Kawadjan and Julius gave me especially Cheeze Looker.

Franco, let's plan on going back to Bangkok again!


Franco Dionco said...

Gow!!! Let's go in Khmer New Year! I'll just meet mom 1 day and we can have the rest ;-)

Anonymous said...

Your Bangkok trip sounds like so much fun.:-) Thanks for sharing. Eating tilapia reminds me so much of Lake Sebu. They seem to have a hundred and one ways of cooking it there.:-)