Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Alchemists

The Thai fashion brand, The Alchemists, is one of those things I had set my eyes in buying when I planned my trip to Bangkok. I got wind of it from Ms. Chuvaness before. Seeing that the style is quite in the same vein as Ann Demeulemeester (apparently its designer intered there) my desire to acquire a piece from the label grew. I conspired with Kawadjan, ITSELF, my good friend in Bangkok, to hunt where the hell is that GEO store the label is stocked. After some phonecall, K had the direction covered, with an instruction to go down in this certain hospital because across it is the store. Thank goodness for K or else I'd end up in the Thai border, clueless.

The Alchemists is Seksarit Thanaprasittikul. Besides interning for Ann Dem, he also had time at Wim Neels and Carol Christian Poell. His designs are cleanly tailored and feature details that's quite surprising. I'd be lazy here and call it 'Belgian-esque'. Conceptual clothings but still grounded in real life functionality.

I would have wanted to get something from his previous collections but there was none left. From his spring 2009 collection I zeroed in on this shirt. His inspiration for this one is to add details from pants to a shirt and vice versa. Thus it has belt loops and plackets added to collars and neckline.

Here's the white version of the same style. I ended up buying the black because I'm such a messy person to be able to deal with pristine white.

His designs were very limited with one rack for guys and another rack for gals.

The attendant told us the next delivery would be a week after. And sure thing I got an email of their new stuff the week after. It also announced that the alchemists is now available at wwa stores.

Kawadjan tried this shirt on.

It was too plain. I said he should wait for the new stocks and get something more exciting.

GEO is also selling Realistic Situation and another brand that escaped my mind.

He found this Realistic Situation shirt and it was on sale at a freaking good price!

It has an additional collar on the side. Now THAT is interesting. On sale and fun detailed shirt, SOLD! I was so happy for him. I'd like to think I'm influencing Kawadjan to explore fashion and wear something 'forward'. I'm quite happy he's been discovering the joy of dressing and paying attention to little details that makes a garment a cut above the usual kind.

GEO is basically a homeware store. Full of knick knacks and thingamagigs.

My friends Loven and Faith would love, love, love this store.

I got myself a leather call card case in black. It was on sale and I've been looking for something quite simple.

The attendants were quite so nice in allowing us to photograph the space. Such a refreshing change unlike the usual crap of me stealing some shots because taking photos were not allowed.

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kawadjan said...

Ang cute talaga ng kahera sa Geo na yan. Haaaayyy...