Saturday, October 15, 2011

Biker Tee

I went to Angkor Wat with friends to help them film a video. It was hot so I decided to wear my reworked biker tee. It was so oversized that I had to make it my own. Besides, it's much more Margielic that way.

There are folded details on the sleeves and I let the hems raw. I also tapered the sides to look loose but not super oversized. I think the original size was an XL.

I paired it with Gap jeans and PAID draped apron. The apron was a reworked piece, as well. I think it sorta makes the whole look a bit elevated from the usual basics. My tote is Comme Ca Ism and my sneakers from Converse.


louis claparols said...

i like your pants :)

Anonymous said...

very nice new look for your blog!hey yang nakangalumbaba masama yan malas daw sabi ng lola ko! LOL --cielo