Friday, October 14, 2011

North and South Korea

I went out for dinner with my friends and since I was craving for Korean dishes we decided it's gonna be a Korean night.

First stop is North Korea and like in the communist side, the servers at Pyongyang didn't allow us to take pictures of our food. Such a bummer since you know me I like to document what I eat. We had some squid, bibimbap, omelette, cold noodles and chicken for my friends. It was a bit expensive than you would normally pay for Korean food here in Siem Reap but the novelty sure makes up for it. One thing I noticed in Pyongyang were how really pretty their servers.

I did manage to take a photo of the kimchi but after I was asked to refrain from doing anymore.

Apres, we went to Ti Amo for desserts. And like the modern and westernized South, Ti Amo represented the international side of Korea. This coffee shop has the usual pastries plus truly Korean ones like Baby Chu, Mamoth and sorta like hopia bread. Everything is yummy! I decided to get Afogato because I've never tried it before. They serve it to you with vanilla ice cream plus red tea.

You pour the red tea on the ice cream and, voila! I love the ritual and presentation.

We had that hopia thingy and a slice of cheese cake, too.

I was with Linette, Faith and Loven.

It was raining that day so I wore my hooded vest from my fall/winter 2011 collection.

Fashion Diary: top - DP hooded vest with H&M black tee under, bottom - EDITED pants, shoes - DM's.

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