Sunday, October 23, 2011

I Pick things Because It Reminds Me Of Something

Things can trigger a memory. You can associate someone to a particular thing.

My mother used to have bags like this. Gucci was popular in the 70's, I guess, and I have a mental picture of chic girls in bell-bottom denims, tight button downs and big shades carrying this sort of style. Those were what I saw in old magazines in our house. Of course, I grew up loving minimalism and didn't really appreciate the logo-laden aesthetic of those bags. Actually, even now I can say it's not me. But I love looking for such pieces to sell. It would have been nice if I saved the ones my mom used.

I wasn't familiar with Celine until Michael Kors designed for it. It's amazing what Phoebe Philo is doing there now. Lately, there has been quite a demand for vintage Celine so I'm always on a look-out for cool styles. I got an envelope style recently and I've used it to some events where I needed something to hold my wallet, phone and keys. It's the right size for those things.

Lately, I've been collecting military and utilitarian stuff. This buckle is a vintage military issue with zig-zag teeth that can snap to the belt. Very Helmut Lang.

Helmut Lang had a memorable collection where he used military uniforms as inspiration. I don't know why I liked it so much. I still remember the fatigue wool jackets with bold red stripes and the layered knit pieces in olive. It's one of those images that I always remember when I design. The military jacket above could be one of Helmut's.

My friend Daniel works at the Gap. Great selection of covers, too.

At first, I thought this Toga Archives sweater was torn. Then I realized it was really intentional. It reminded me so much about the reason why I love progressive Japanese labels. Small details like those often kill me.

How can you not love a bag with these words on it's tag: 'Finding For Freshness. LESUE. Come On. Feel Rich. Produced by Ace'?

It's black, big and light. Most of my bags fall into that category so another one to add wouldn't hurt.

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Anonymous said...

"Things can trigger a memory. You can associate someone to a particular thing." I agree. My Lola always had this brown Gucci hand bag. I am not into designer stuff but I wouldn't mind having that bag just for the memories it evokes of her.:-)

Sintea (It has been some time!)