Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Leave Horses Unbridled Or Their Spirits Die

My way of dressing is always about instinctual of-the-moment affairs. I seldom plan what I wear because I would still change my mind according to my mood that moment of dressing. Usually, the weather dictates the choices I make and also the stuff lying around that I can grab instantly.

Here I'm wearing my DP vest with my fave 'langaw' (flies) pins. I love insect accessories and I was spurred in collecting when I read that Stella Tennant liked collecting creepy crawling-inspired accessories, too. I like her personal style and I'm always inspired when I see photos of her.

My pants is Eairth, one of my favest label! I like honest, unassuming and individual labels and the way Mellisa Dizon Ramsey is steering Eairth is simply quite inspiring. I actually regret not buying more pants when I was there last time at their workshop.

My tee is from Rotsaniyom, a Thai label that churns out bohemian-esque pieces and prints in soft, washed-out, vintage-y colors. I got this shirt with cropped print of a horse. See the eyes peeking out, looking straight at you? It reminded me of Ann Demeulemeester how she used one of Steven Klein's horse photograph as a print on her fabric. Maybe, that's the reason why I used an Ann Demeulemeester fabric bag, too.

I'm wearing patent leather DM's.

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