Monday, December 19, 2011

When A Simple T-shirt Is All That Matters

Not all t-shirts are the same. But when you find one that works for you and makes you feel good wearing it, buy tons and use it everyday.

Some of my favorite t-shirts:

A thrifted 'concert tee' with holes, rips and lovely discolorations. It does make me feel like, what else, a rocker when I wear it. Worn with Gap jeans, DM's and Via Demizon bag.

Ouki tees from Bangkok is one of my staple basics. It's simple and cheap, around 100baht each, and they make it in several styles and colors. I also buy a lot of tees from Another Place and Seven Heaven when I'm there. I paired my Ouki tee with DP pants and Converse shoes.

Another one of my fave is this oversized 5CM pinstripe tee. I like my stuff oversized, actually. I wore it with DP pants, DM's, Y'saacs beltbag and cuffs from Mango & Robotang.

Other favorites:

1. Maison Martin Margiela AIDS tee - I buy whenever I can and I have roughly 20 pieces from different seasons.

2. H&M Divided basic V-neck tee - I often end up buying the boxers and basic black tee from H&M.

3. Oxygen tees - If you want something not so basic but very affordable.

4. Rick Owens tee - Sadly, I can't afford it but lucky to have generous friends.

5. DP tees - Of course, I love what I designed, right?

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