Friday, December 16, 2011

Make The Old New

I've always liked using materials from used clothing because it has that unique quality that only time and wear can truly create. It can be replicated in an industrial process, yes, but where is the romance in that? Isn't it more chic and cool when it's really made from discarded materials?

For my line called PAID, I create pieces made of such discarded materials, usually from vintage clothing I buy cheaply in the local market. This drapey vest I have on is one. It's made of two tank tops fused together and reconfigured into this weird pattern. A friend saw it and bought it off my back. It can be worn several ways so I'm sure he had fun playing with it.

Top - PAID vest + DP top, Bottom - Fadthree jeans, Shoes - DM's, Bag - DP

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