Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Almost A Uniform

The concept of a uniform fascinates me nowadays. A lot of the designers I admire used the uniform concept as a source of inspiration for their work. Helmut Lang looked at military garments. Yohji Yamamoto tried to capture the essence of vintage workwear to lend poetry to many of his designs. Ann Demeulemeester wanted to find clothing solutions for working women like her. Even Rick Owens used ecclesiastical garments as a take-off point for his signature robes and enveloping pieces.

I find the strictness in uniform dressing fascinating. I think the ultimate minimalist has to adopt a certain paired down uniform to the point that variety becomes an irritation.

I've had another round of editing my wardrobe and I weeded out two sackful of clothing that I'm storing for now. What remained were mostly neutral colored pieces in black, gray, white and cream. I just left a few light weight jackets, some layering pieces, cotton pants (lots of drop crotch pieces), a few Levi's 501 and plenty of t-shirts. Depending on the weather I layer accordingly. Although my clothing choices is still ample compared to many I'm quite pleased with myself for editing it down. I like to believe it has become a uniform.

A few of my looks for my Fashion Diary with pieces from my edited wardrobe.


Top - DP

Bottom - DP

Shoes - Muji

Bag - ArtBerg

Top - Plantation jacket + Oxygen tee

Bottom - Muji

Bag - ArtBerg

Shoes - Muji

Top - e-Shop jacket + H&M tee

Bottom - Levi's 501

Bag - Jean Paul Gaultier

Shoes - Timberland

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