Monday, May 28, 2012

Tonle Sap

Friends from Pattaya came to visit Siem Reap and we toured them around town. On of the places we brought them is Tonle Sap, an important lake in Cambodia with many communities relying their livelihood. It is the largest freshwater lake in South East Asia and is connected to the Mekong River.

One can hire a boat for about an hour of tour in the lake.

It supports a huge community of people that have adapted to living on floating houses. It is dubbed as the 'floating village'.

The tour wouldn't be complete without saying hello to the crocs. Cambodian crocodiles or Siamese crocodiles is a freshwater croc native to Indonesia and is largely extinct except in Cambodia. This is once instance where commercial farming has actually saved the species from extinction. Wild ones are largely known to be extinct, though.

It reminded me of 'Water World'. It feels like a different world there.

I don't think I'm built to last in a watery world.

Fashion Diary:

top - Seven Heaven tee

bottom - DP drop crotch

shoes - Timberland

bag - ArtBerg

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