Sunday, October 14, 2012


My church organized a trip to Battambang so we can visit our sister church there and also to play a football match.

A great omen welcomed me when I saw this Margiela AIDS tee slogan printed on the pants of one of the brothers. It was so funny seeing it there in Battambang. Who would have thought printing it in the bum of a pants.

The church prepared a very exotic dinner composed of crispy fried snapper with peanut sauce, Khmer chicken soup, crispy fried wild bird and fried rice. It's my first time to eat such offering for dinner.

The wild bird and fish was my favorite.

We stayed at Villa P'kka, a very lovely place. It's my kind of place.

Our room was not so big but I like the shabby chic elements. I especially like that they use white sheets. It's tastefully done.

I'd love to go back and stay there again.

Battambang is really a very sleepy town. Nothing much to do. I guess fishing would be an activity to try if you fancy it.

We caught a small fish.

And fought with this feisty big clawed crab. Very Captain Hook, I say.

I like silence a lot. There's too much noise in life.

I like the simple life.

Battambang town.

One night we explored the town and ended up at Gecko.

The foorball match was intense. And very hot!

And our church ended up winning the championship.

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