Wednesday, October 17, 2012


At Sam Doo: stir fried veggies

Seafood fried rice

Deep fried soft shell crabs

At Bistro Lorenzo: crispy pata

At Ban Thai: fried fish with garlic

Fish cakes

Squid with salted eggs

Tofu in red curry

Grilled squid with peanut sauce

Seafood with holy basil

Pad Thai

At Mama Thai: glass noodles with seafoods

Mama Thai special sausage

Steamed fish

At the shop: wild mushroom pate

At Kompong Thom: nom pao

Breakfast at Nod's house: Vietnamese sausage with scrambled eggs & toast

At La Boulangerie: crispy fried fish fillet with sweet chili sauce

At Moloppor: stir fried squid with Kampot pepper

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