Monday, September 18, 2006

Little Normie Went Shopping ++

This Little Normie went shopping for a couture gown.
(In Chanel shades, Westwood bag, tee and jeans)

"Anu ba itech mother? How much is the doggie in the window?
Pwede ba na ang paysong i-givesaluh ko na lang after tienes-tienes?"

This littel Normie went to market. He bought meat. Fresh Meat sa Rustans.
(Westwood bag na nakakaloka. Akin na lang to Tina!)

This little Normie went to watch a movie, The Devil Wears Prada.

This little Normie had paparazzi delusions. Papa - meron. Paparazzi - wala.

Churvahin nyo na to!!! His highness, Ignacio Loyola.

The one and only, Ms. Tina Daniac po.

The 3 of the nicest, most talented designers I've ever met in Manila. Tina Daniac is super sister, super nice to the max ever. I stay at her place sometimes eating tuyo pasta, ordering tapsilog, going out and all. Mr. Ignacio Loyola is the super designer, super urban guy who had the pleasure of touring me the bowels of Manila looking for sea snakes, corals and sea urchins. It was definitely surreal. I even got to see the facade of Mansyon. Norman Noriega is Norman Noriega. If you don't know Norman Noriega, I guess you are not really a fashion insider. Only the perfumed and bejewelled set of the beau monde crowd knows who is Norman Noriega. Ang tanong, kilala ka ba nya? Hahaha! Ang taray!

I always have fun when I'm around them. Wala lang. Maybe because they are weird and I'm weird so I understand their creative outbursts. Tsika lang, go lang ng go! Go, go, go!


I had one hectic schedule the past weekend. Yesterday, I had to style Ria Bolivar for the poster I'm doing for tita Jaki Penalosa's upcoming gala show at Sarabia Manor Hotel. I also helped style Ria for the Kamisa ads. While the shoot was going on, I was supposed to be on a dinner date with Rofel and Justin. What can I do? Split myself?! Someone has to be sacrificed so I decided to forego dinner and stay in the shoot. Eventually, Justin and Rof came to the shoot with my food that I ordered through text. It was Justin's treat. After the shoot, we ate at Buto't Balat.


Me said...

what's buto't balat?


Lyka Bergen said...

I am so jealous that you know Ria Bolivar very well. Tell her (when you see her) that I am her No.1 fan. I may be out of the Philly Islands right now but still I am so obsessed with her. Check my blog. I got some of your friend Ria's stuff there.

fuchsiaboy said...

hi cecile! it's a resto serving native dishes of iloilo.

lyka, will tell ria. have you two met?