Friday, September 15, 2006

Random thoughts today

It rained hard yesterday and I had to cancel the workshop for the modelling contest I'm doing with my friend Bo for Robinsons. It's called Campus Fashionista Model Search 2006. It's on its 2nd year and I'm glad a lot people have said that the contestants this year are a much improved lot than last year. Oh well, I'm just glad there are still a lot of new faces cropping up. I need another Ria Bolivar!

Speaking of Ria, she's flying in from Manila today for the fashion show of tita Jaki Penalosa later. I will try to have backstage shots galore and all. I haven't seen the collection of Ta Jak but I'm pretty sure it's gonna be feminine and earthy. It's so her.

My bestfriends, Loven and Faith plus their baby boy Freedom are in town for a very short vacation. It was a whirlwind visita grande from them. They gave me this spool from Siem Riep and this fab, fab, fab khemer (?), a fabric scarf designed by a Japanese designer for a German guy whose company commissioned the designs. The design I have is one of the only two in the world. I feel so special! It was given to Loven because he designed their brochure for free. The collective of weavers there in Siem Riep is a non stock, non profit org. Loven liked them so much he gave his design for free. They gave him a scarf in return.

I'm going shopping for my fall winter 06 wardrobe later. I'l take lots of pix and all. I'm coveting a Japanese denim in one of my fave top secret little shops.

What I love to have:
1. Undercover jacket
2. Martin Margiela AIDS tee (white+blue)
3. Y-3 Adidas Yohji Yamamoto pants
4. Ann Demuelemeester tank or tee
5. a vintage Chanel (wala lang, maybe in the ukay I can find something no?)


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