Monday, September 25, 2006

Went ukay shopping and got a lot!

Yup, I went shopping and found some interesting pieces. There was a lot of generic American brands but there are a lot of treasures that will surprise you. I just couldn't resist buying.

What I got:
1. Martin Margiela Ligne 10 pants
2. Martin Margiela Ligne 6 wool sweater
3. Y-3 judo pants
4. Romeo Gigli plum shirt
5. vintage Levi's jacket
7. Miu Miu bag
8. Atsuro Tayama cotton jacket (loving this now)
9. Gucci crystal studded jeans
10. Gaultier homme tee
11. Paul Smith peace sign tee
12. vintage Issey Miyake
13. Miu Miu dress (gave it to my friend)

I just couldn't believe I found Margiela's and Y-3 at the discount bin. Maybe later I'll check out another outlet selling more new stuff.

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cecile said...

pictures!!! flickr!!