Monday, October 02, 2006

Me and milenyo

Was that last Thursday when Milenyo ravaged Manila with its torrential rain and hurricane winds? Anyway, I had this event for Robinsons, the 2nd Campus Fashionista Model Search. We had rehearsal that day. It was raining a bit here in Iloilo but nothing like what is happening in Manila. I called Gian Romano to confirm if he is flying the next morning to Iloilo. He said he will go. Tuloy sya kasi di naman malakas ang ulan. He is judging the models along with Maurice Arcache, Marivic Vazquez, Ignacio Loyola and two other people. We called Maurice and he was already in Valium to even go to the airport. We harrassed Ignacio for the nth time. Marivic confirmed her presence as long as there are flights the next day.

Called Gian around 12midnight. He said, "Nakakaloka na dito. Nagliliparan na ang mga yero at mga hollow blocks na ewan ko kung saan nanggaling.Dilubyo na to."

Friday. Day of the show. Marivic got in Iloilo safe and sound with Atty. Joemarie Treñas (he replaced Maurice as judge). I was calling and texting Gian to hurry up in the airport because his ticket is rebooked from 5am to 4pm. He arrived in Iloilo after the contest at around 7pm. Ignacio arrived in Iloilo around 6:30pm just in time to give the award for most photogenic. He changed clothes in the car. At dinner, they both recounted how they survived the airport scene. It was straight out of Armageddon. Everyone was in a state of panic. There was no aircon and no light. People were holding this papers that they waved at a sudden movement. It was a riot of a different kind.Punk anarchy chic meets disaster coordinating council look.

My next inspiration for a collection will be that.

I was experiencing a different storm here in Iloilo last Friday. I had to down a bottle of Stolich just to stay calm! Hahaha! Parang alcoholic.hehehe. The show went great. The people liked it. Yun nga lang, Gian and Ignacio didn't judge na. They were replaced by my photographer friend Loven and Mayor Jerry Treñas. Oh well!

Anyway, Saturday was so sunny. We went ukay hunting. Gian, Bo, me and Ignacio had lunch at Hong Kong Kitchen. Brought them to ukay and I think Gian bought stuff worth 3thou. There were outfits for Fluxxe and all. Ignacio was looking for interesting patterns. I steered him to a Niel Barrett shirt, a Romeo Gigli dress and a Roberto Cavalli jeans.

I got a Pleats Please top and a Japanese designed top. I forgot the name.Weird sya.

They went home Saturday afternoon, last flight.

Random Thoughts

Will have photoshoot tomorrow with Loven Ramos. We will shoot the clothes of Gian Romano, Atsuro Tayama, Costume National, Bo Parcon and mine. I hope it doesn't rain coz it will be a street shoot.

I promise to update more with the pictures and all. Boring pag walang pictures, I know. Especially the ukay stuff. Got a problem uploading lang.


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