Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ditas Taleon's Birthday at Blue Jay

Ditas Dates Demented Dear Friends

Robinsons Place Iloilo's vivacious and popular mall manager, Ditas Luzuriaga Taleon, recently celebrated her birthday in an impromtu gathering with close friends Gerry Gaudarama of Biscocho Haus; TNT's booming voice, Marichel Magalona; ABS-CBN's gem, Desiree BretaƱa; hubby, Butch Taleon and moi. It was a wine, cheese, nuts, cold cuts and dessert kind of affair. Talks centered on natal day meanings since Ms. Magalona brought an interesting book (don't ask, I forgot the title. Possibly from too much wine!) that analyzes one's birthday and its meaning to your life. The book's analysis was suprisingly bulls eye, so much so that it elicited much laughter and teasing from everyone. The afternoon affair lasted until the wee hours of the evening. Needless to say, I lost count how many bottles of wine were guzzled by everyone. All that anyone can remember was how fun it was.

moi, desiree, ditas, marichel, gerry and butch

the group

the couple

tres marias

ms. m

moi wearing the chain necklace of Bo Parcon and my fave Helmut Lang tee

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