Sunday, October 08, 2006

What to wear?

It rained a bit here in Iloilo. I raided my closet and took pictures of some pieces I might be wearing this week if the weather is still soaking wet.

Helmut Lang nylon button down shirt

Pier Antonio Gaspari fringed knit top

Dirk Bikkemberg jacket

Eley Ksishimoto grape print sweater

W&LT nylon jacket

Random Thoughts

I'm feeling lazy today. I've got to finish several projects but I haven't started half of it. I'll definitely be cramming things into my schedule this week. I'm organizing another fashion show for some local brands like Maldita, Bayo, Ichi Pichi, etc. The show will be on October 22. On the 23rd is Ramadan. I'm going to Roca Encantada this weekend. I hope the weather will be good.


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