Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dinner at Sokimex

Sokimex. Like a mini grocery store with a mini play area for kids and a Jollibee concept (fastfood) but offers local fares beside the usual burgers, fries and hotdogs. It's a riot! Imagine they have lazy susan tables (the one with the rotating disk in the middle) and wooden high-back chairs.hehehe Had dinner with Fate, Nanny, Freedom and Olive there. It's an experience.

Freedom doing what he does best : being cute. hehehe Only 2 years old and already a talker. He wanted a dolphin balloon but it was not for sale. Nobody told him to do this pose when I took the picture. A weird kid (in a good way),like, he loves gondolas and like he really voice out what he like or don't like.


seafood noodles with a siding of peanut sauce and beansprout

milk tea drink, like nai cha


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