Thursday, October 18, 2007

First day at Hotel dela Paix

I was really so tired from the trip coming from Iloilo. I had to line-up for so long at the check-in going to Bangkok. NAIA 1 is a very strange place. Everything seems to be functioning and working yet it's not efficient. Good thing the plane ride to Bangkok was painless. I even had a special meal because I'm vegetarian. I love Thai Airways! I practically wiped out their supply of apple juice (my new drink obsession). I kept asking for refill.hehehe

The trip going to Seam Reap from Bangkok was also nice. It's the waiting that will get you. I was really stressed for no apparent reason except that I didn't had a wink the night before maybe because I'm excited about the trip. And also I had a hard time packing my clothes. Yes, I had to leave most of my Comme des Garcons, the Y-3's, the Paul Smith's and the rest of my avant-garde choices when it comes to clothing. Sigh...I'm sad I had to leave my babies behind. It can't fit in my luggage. Oh well, I'll just buy new clothes when I go to Bangkok. Their new airport is a shopping haven. I could stay there all day.

So finally I arrive in Seam Reap and Loven fetched me from the airport. We arrived at the hotel and I briefly met my general manager, the charming Nick Downing. They gave us a potent mix drink that really revived my battered senses from fatigue.

Then they brought me to my room and this is what I saw:

the lounge chair

my bed

the bathroom

moi at the tub

I love my new playground!


Lyka Bergen said...

Just wondering, what brought you there? Are you going to stay there na ba for good? Well, good luck Lolah! Sana win ka dyan!

BTW, did you paint the town Fuchsia na ba? Chos!

fuchsiaboy said...

I wanted new challenges within the boundaries of my existing capabilities and interest. i was really an artist even before i became a fashion designer. im not abandoning one for the other but ive always considered everything that i do, be it art, theater, fashion, publishing, modeling, gymnastics, circus acts, prostitution, etc. as part of a bigger picture which i call my 'body of works'.

i'll be here in cambodia for a while but i can't say i'll be staying for good. for the moment yes siem reap is my base.

the job affords me to be creative and practically contribute to the growth of the art scene here in this region.

world domination is the primary goal and being a loser is never an option.

did you know that some people here worship the linga (a phallic symbol, looks like a dildo to me, really)? seriously. they even have a 'river of thousand lingas'.

did i mention i went to linga bar (seriously) last thursday?