Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fuchsia has landed!

Dear all,

Greetings from the land of Apsaras, dragon fruit, Angkor Wat and monks.

Yes, dahling. Your humble style breaker and ambassador of all things fuchsia has arrived here at the historic Siem Reap in the Kingdom of Cambodia. It is a whirlwind tripof sorts, uprooting myself from the land of traffic, corruption (as if) and midnight sales, yeah, our one and only Republic of Pinas.

I'll be based here now but i'll be going back home for tsikas and dramas and all. Anyway, I'm staying here at Hotel dela Paix at the moment but I'll be transferring to the posh artist commune of the Maison Ramos next week. The hotel is a 5 star hotel and I'm the new curator for the Art Lounge. Think bar slash art gallery. Currently, the title of the exhibit left by the previous curator is 'lines and lost lines' by 4 artist of different nationalities. Quite interesting because the reaction of the people here to the installation, video art, drawings and sculptures of feather dusters were quite varied from totaly dismissing it as trash to raving about how it's so cool. Very interesting reactions indeed.

I'll be posting some pix of the place soon.

Anyway, for those who e-mailed me asking if I'm alive - yes!


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