Friday, October 26, 2007

Street Patrol for TNT

STREET PATROL comments for The News Today

Get a good haircut, a good sandals, a good bag (so juvenile) and the red top with denim mini could be hot. Pinays love the long hair but in this case it really doesn't work for her. It reminds me of 'santos' hair, the ones you see in old churches. The wide belt also emphasizes her mid-section which is not her best quality. A big mirror is advised.

Generally Pinays have a casual chic sensibility when it comes to dressing. Cecile Zamora van Straten call it 'T-shirt Weather'look. I can live with her graphic tee and skinny jeans but I really advise that she throw away her sandals and opt for a better pointed shoes that will elongate her and make her look taller. And chicer, too

I don't really mind her look. But I wouldn't put her in the Best Dressed List either. Maybe her hair is kinda flat for her face (Asians tend to have very flat hair at the top) but then again it could be a statement. I like her shoes, casual yet elegant. She can use that for evenings also. Cropped skinny shorts tend to be shortening but she carried it well by pairing it with a tailored top. Casual and easy look for doing errands.


Anonymous said...

ang kapal ng mukha mo to criticize others for their looks pero mukha kang yagit

fuchsiaboy said...


ikaw ba ang isa sa mga nafeature dito?

at least i'm brave enough to show my face when i criticize the looks of other people. unlike you who would rather comment anonymously.

and have you checked fashion lately? the 'yagit'look is very chic now.


Martin said...

Hi Fuchsia Boy,

Thanks so much for mentioning me in your interview with The New Today. I took the liberty of mentioning it in my blog at Numero Tokyo:

Keep up the good work!

Yours, &c.


Kylie Gomme E'quire said...

Fuchsia Boy

i think you got to really improve on alot of fashion related issues. first of all, none of the 3 ladies u snapped is of even worth to mention quality. on top of that you lack alot of fashion exprience, expertise nor a sharp eye for good details. i think its best to brush up your foundation and understand more before jumping into such conclusions in things.

after going through your past posts, i see you also have superficial understanding and very shallow taste in your selection of fashion items. you are very logo driven, making yourself a walking advertisement. as a general advice for your improvement, i recommend you start doing mens before moving into womens as complexity is not an option for you now. also, define your own style and not choosing things all over the shop.

please take my advice with positive perception.

Kylie Gomme E'quire
Principal de Lasalle Art Institute (Asia)
Nogoya Arts / Library Director
Mst. Arts & Fashion Marketing Parsons.

fuchsiaboy said...

kylie (if it's really your name) - thanks for the comment. it's my goal to improve myself with the craft of making clothes.

i didn't snap the pictures of the 3 ladies. My comment to them was based mainly on my own taste and perception. TNT asked me to comment and hopes that they take my advice with a positive perception.

i don't agree with you though that I'm logo driven. most of my stuff don't have logos at all. half of it is by muji which doesn't have a logo. i'm brand conscious though. but the brand is not ultimately the reason why i buy something.