Saturday, December 01, 2007

Magazine Overload

I'm a magazine freak. I spend lots of my measly cash on magazines. I don't know why but you can make me happy by giving me the latest fashion rags like Vogue, Bazaar, self service, numero, etc. So when I got here in Siem Reap I was really disappointed that the only decent bookstore that sells magazine is closed. They will open very soon. I've been here a month already and they were supposed to open last October. Hello people of National Museum mall! But anyway, friends and caring people brought me some mags. Is it me or I'm just a magnet for magazines. My loot:

Jennifer Connely on the cover of US Vogue. Fashion Fund finalists inside.

Hillary Rhoda on Brit Bazaar. There's a Prada phone ad inside. Agghhhh! It's haunting me! I wanna buy the Prada phone! (I'm too guilty to buy it)

French Photo. Lots of photos.hehehe Um, there's one article about Angkor Photo Festival and Freud's son.

La Bundchen on Brit Bazaar. Party, party, party! The Brits love parties.

Kris on Preview. Nuff said.

lifestyle+travel. indochina region, travelling in style, bangkok apartments.

The Magazine. Luxewear in fiery colors and expensive prices.

The Magazine. Politics and Fashion. O di ba!

Time. Chinese art. My gulay, they sell their stuff in millions of dollars!

Vogue Australia. Shopping for Christmas and designer shopping interviews. Nice.

French Vogue. Bruce Weber special with his trademark photography of hot girls and boys, Americana, Aerin Lauder and Helmut Lang Hampton house (Yey!) Caroline Murphy with Andre on the cover.

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