Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tired but not defeated

The move here in Cambodia is a good thing, right? No, this is not a depressed entry. Yep, it seems the blogs I've been reading lately confirms that everybody is busy. Although I'm having very bad skin now cause I was using Neutrogena for a while coz I couldn't find Cetaphil in major drugstore in this country! Imagine I found in one of those dingy drugstore that sells traditional herbal medicines. Weird. So anyway my bad skin is due to lack of sleep, stress and just basically the overall dusty and dry weather here in Siem Reap. Rainy season is like 15minutes tops. They don't have earthquakes, no typhoon, no floods. But they have Polpot. Check Google. Horrible history they have here. It's like the whole country was trapped in time and the 70's to boot. Everybody wears long sleeve button down with pleated slacks (hahahahaha!) and sandals. Baduy chic. Nakakaloka! Not that all of them are un-chic. Meron naman na chic and it's a good thing because Khmers are naturally skinny. My gosh! Dior Homme-ish. Especially the bi-racial Khmers, nakakaloka ang cheekbones and bone structure. They are very Ria Bolivar thin and tall. You get to see them riding the bikes, selling stuff or mostly working in hotels. Siem Reap is like tourist central for Cambodia. Hmmm...

Hay, can't wait for my Christmas presents to arrive. hehehehe.

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