Thursday, December 13, 2007

Pam at the Palm

She looks familiar even with that belat face. Where did I saw her before?hmmm...

photographer Jill Lejano and Pam

Philippine Daily Inquirer's Pam Pastor

My friend Loven said we're having dinner with kababayans at Sugar Palm which serves the best authentic yet Western presented Khmer food in Siem Reap. So I said that will be cool. Anyway, Loven fetched me from work and we proceeded to the resto. We got inside and then I saw a couple of gals and I thought one of them was really familiar looking. So anyway, the usual introduction, then we ordered. They said they were Jill and Pam. Hmmm... Halfway through our dinner I still couldn't pin down where I saw Pam. I couldn't stop myself so I asked if she knows Ms. CZVS. Boom! And I remember it. Pam was in Ms. Chuvaness' blog! Small world. Ang kulit. Apres dinner I treated them for ice cream and toured them at de la Paix. I won't say the details about what we talked about but it ran from Ruffa, Raymond Guttierez( very juicy!) to Tim Yap to Lomo to Trillanes. Fun gals. I invited them to the opening of this new exhibition I'm curating on Friday.

Read Ms. Chuvaness' funny entry about Pam here:

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