Saturday, December 01, 2007

Tech-y Day

Didn't i say i just need time to adjust? Well, today has been a wonderful day. and before i forget let me tell you that today is World AIDS Day. So be safe than be sorry! Anyway, I had to go back to the Arts Lounge (the gallery I'm working as a curator) because one of our photography exhibit got sold. I had to be there to prepare its packing. Apres, I was itching for some retail therapy so I asked Mali (the guy who is assigned to bring me to work everyday) if he knows any 'ukay' places. It turned out that the best ukay stalls just sell their wares near the river. So we went there and I was ecstatic! My loot includes:

1.Missoni shirt

2.Dior Homme shirt (pre Hedi Slimane but could pass as his)

3.a skinny tie which i gave to Loven

4.Paul Frank skull tee

5.Ciride hooded top

6.Nina Ricci shirt which I gave to Mali

7.ACG Nike skull knit cap

After lunch, Loven and I went to Siam phones to have our identical phones because it sucked big time with its design. We had the same problem that whenever someone calls us and we answer, the number 6 and 5 blips endlessly in the screen. It's scary! Imagine having 666 in your phone screen. Anyway, if you know me I don't give a hoot what number (nokia whatever) or features my phone has. As long as it looks good on me I'm ok with it. It has this chic leather case. Very slim with metal body. So it's sleek which makes me happy. Loven got another slimmin phone that's also nice. We also got two water heater because it gets cold here in the morning already. Freezer, winter cold. Imagine I was wearing my Ann Demeulemeester leather jacket at 11am and i'm not sweatin. We also bought a new ref and we also had wiFi installed in the house(That's why I'm blogging now at this hour). It's electronic shopping today.hehehe I popped at Rep while I was waiting for the ref and heater to be packed and a cute Dior Homme shirt is for sale at 50% off. Hmmmm. Should I? One piece left. Also some Dolce&Gabbana and some Burberry.

Didn't go out for dinner but cooked vegetable couscous, fried pink salmon and tuna with onions. Yummy dinner!

Plan to go to Phnom Penh next Friday. Hmmm...I'l be shopping Vivienne Westwood.

So there, my day.

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