Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More Eairth-y stuff

I believe this tee you see here is what they call the 'Tausug' boy tee. I just LOVE it! It's their sample so they couldn't really sell it to me. But I'm crossing my fingers I'l get it coming October.

My friend Paul works there. We go a long way back in Iloilo when we're both doing theater productions. It's so nice to see him again.

I'm just fascinated with the whole going-ons whenever I visit a workshop. It's that part of designing that intrigues me the most. Manang here is draping and making the sample of one of their spring/summer 2010 pieces already.

The table of the designer, Melissa Dizon. That's not her, I think it's also one of her assistants.

Her mood board. Simply fascinating. Only the designer knows how all these elements can form into one coherent collection.

Now that's her, Melissa Dizon. Too bad she's not there during our visit. I would have loved to meet her.

I just had to take a snap of that piece of picture from her board. I love the poetry of tattered clothes.

I promised myself I'l come visit again when I'm in Manila. I learned they're constructing their new building for their flagship somewhere near their current place. Right now they share the space with Soumak so it'l be different when they really have their own space to fully display the universe and style of Eairth.



her mood board is love!

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fuchsiaboy said...

it is super duper mega love!