Monday, June 29, 2009

at Eairth

One of places I've been excited to visit in Manila is the Eairth workshop. It's such an amazing place to visit. We checked out their upcoming spring/summer collection.

Love this piece with an amazing print.

The fish print figures prominently in the collection. It's a bit surprising to see different colors like pale yellow, green and purple because from what I've seen from their catalogs of previous collections, Melissa Dizon, the designer of the label, favored neutral colors like white, gray and browns. I think she was inspired by the underwater landscape.

This piece is such a joy to look at. I loves it even though the color is not me. I'd wear that in white or black.

I came with my friend Khaz who kindly modeled some pieces for moi.

He's got a blog that you can read here. He's loving all the scarves and wrap pieces. He ended up buying an amazing piece.

The piece I'm wearing is something I'm definitely bent on buying. Got other pieces I will post about soon. More Eairth on my next post.

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Miss Bubbles Cojuanco said...

oh your back on earth na kumare...

marami akong bagong mga alahas galing russia... chingki lang...