Monday, June 29, 2009

At Shang Mall

Had lunch with my amiga, Bo Parcon, who left for some R&R in Dubai a few days after. Notice he is wearing a tee by me. Let's just say he shopped in my suitcase.

Sipping my fave caramel frappe at Starbuck's. Shit, kamahal sang kape nila!

Then we met up with Aisha and Mike (wearing a YSL shirt) ...

and our 'yaya', Jor-el Espina, in Comme des Garcons, no less. Sosyal, no? I'm so happy for Jor-el because he got chosen as one of the new designers to watch out for in 2009 by Mega Magazine.

We checked out Paul Smith, Ben Sherman and Homme et Femme. Lots of sale pieces but the only thing I liked was the MMM 20th anniv bracelet. Didn't get it much to my regret now. Oh, well, next time. At Bench I got some Lesley Mobo undies, at Human a tee by the Joey Samson collab they had, and at Powerbooks the book called "Young European Designers".

Something odd happened after I took that picture above at Shang. A guard kindly asked me to stop taking pictures. I apologized since I know the guard is just doing what he's been instructed by management. Often I get embarassed in such situation. I just don't get it why it's not allowed to take pictures in the mall. Security threat ba?

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