Monday, June 29, 2009

Stuff at Bench

My friend Liz would love the colors of these shirts. I believe it's Bench's summer tees as worn by Richard Guttierez in the billboards I saw in Manila. I like the pink and red. Quite similar to the American Apparel Summer tee that I got recently.

And I love this sosyal camisa chino/filipino they are selling in better fabric. This is a must when wearing barong. In yummy shades pa.

One thing I was excited to buy is the Mobo underwear collab. Sous-vetements...sous-yal!

I'm regretting I didn't buy the pink briefs. Got the blue, white and blue/yellow/white version only. I want the pink/blue/white boxers, also. Next time...


Kiel daw bought Mobo briefs because he was inspired by moi according to K. Isdatru? At pinakita nya pa kay K while he was wearing it. Hmmmm...

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