Friday, June 04, 2010


I'm soooooo busy doing a lot of stuff here in Pinas so blogging has taken a backseat for now. Please do understand my loyal fans (the 3, or is it 2, people) that this is just a temporary thing while I'm having my vacation. For now I'm sharing some pics that I took backstage during our show for Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2010.

The one above is my opening look for my collection. I really like how I styled it and it was the very last look that I finalized. I actually do last minute tweaking backstage depending on my mood. It has to feel right at that moment there.

Then I took pictures of my 3 menswear looks. They came out first on my segment so I had time. I had to share my female models so I didn't have time to take photos of their looks. But my friends did. Here's one as reported by STYLEBIBLE.

People asked me why I made the collection all red and it's because it felt right to do it that way. I wasn't really sure what the reaction of editors and people will be. Thank God a lot liked it. They said it's still very me with the layering but the color red made it more stronger. A lot said it popped out. I guess, red really makes a strong impact on a white runway, non? When the layers get deconstructed I had more or less 40 pieces of clothing for the 10 looks I showed.

Norman Noriega's collection was one of my fave. I get Norman and his designs. I've been buying his pieces since 3 seasons ago. I can relate to his vision which is confident in it's simplicity and clear understanding of fabrication and minimal detail. I abhor designs that doesn't relate too much to reality if it's not that fantastic anyway.

This piece from Aries Lagat is wonderful. I love how Aries cuts his architectural pieces.

This look from Nolie Vineza reminds me of Missoni in a good way.

This Harley Ruedas creation is something Tessa Valdes could wear with panache. Nobody else comes to mind after her.

The print that will give me nightmares if I'll be wearing it.

Nobody can outshine Jaki Penalosa when it comes to native woven fabrics. She has her own weavers to do the fabrics for her and she designs them herself.

Martin Bautista did sexy boudior this season.

Another Nolie Vineza look.

Mitzi Bustos did folds and pleats in menswear fabric. Nice.

I thought Raoul Ramirez' collection looked smoke-y sexy ala Gucci, Tom Ford-era.

This Norman Noriega hoody is mine!

Patrick Galang had spikes and leather. I like the pattern of one of his vests. Magkano kaya yun in cotton canvas

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inkarlcerating said...

busy ka tlga no? namiss ko blog mo! love yer collection. ikaw ang panalo. fave ko kau ni norman!
if im rich, id hoard stuff from u both.
keep it up don. im excited for the s/s collection mo