Friday, June 04, 2010


Hello pips, missed me? Currently in Iloilo now taking a break after a whirlwind showing for Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2010 where I presented pieces of my f/w 2010 collection. I'm so happy it was warmly received by critics and clients, alike. Press is good but selling is also very nice, lol! More about that later in my next posts.

I arrived in Manille quiet relaxed from Bangkok. My friend Mikki fetched me from the airport (I survived airport hell!) and hosted me for a night in his and Peer's apartment. He went with me around SMX to facilitate my stuff for the fashion show. After buying some magazines (what else is new? got the s/s 10 Arena Homme +, etc) and dinner we retired early because I didn't want to look haggard for the event the next day.

The next day I went to the venue super early. The taxi I took had this 'MCQUIN' sign painted on the door. I thought it was a good fashion omen for a wonderful show. Funny, non?

The venue at SMX looked really professional.

My line-up had a lot of new faces. I'm quite content with the models they gave me.

The good thing about being early is that you can take your time to arrange your clothes, fit the models and do the interviews.

I laid out the shoes I used for the show.

Norman Noriega, one of my fave designers in PFW, was there much earlier than me. I got the chance to handpick first the pieces from his collection that I wanted to buy. I got 4 pieces from him because I'm such a fan of his work.

My friends Bo, Mike, Tito Butz and Jor-el were there to support me. They came from Bacolod because they also had a show there the previous night.

Backstage I had a little chat with Aries Lagat, Project Runway Phils. season 1 winner, about his collection which was a tribute to Alexander McQueen.

I'm glad Patrick Galang's back after his stint with Project Runway Phils. sesson 2.

My friend Rofel also watched the show. He said he really enjoyed his first Phil. Fashion Week.

We ate at Mangan after the show. Here I'm with Tita Jaki and Bo.

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Couldnt find you after the show. Enjoyed your collection - congrats again