Monday, June 21, 2010


On the way to the airport in our trip back to Iloilo, we passed by Breadtalk and Krispy Kreme. Gosh, I missed those classic glazed donuts!

We also passed by Adora where I got a little something something. Can you guess what it is? Clue: It has wheels.

Upon arriving in Iloilo this was what greeted me: fried boneless bangus. I've been eating it nonstop. We don't have bangus in Siem Reap.

I had a late dinner with Jor-el and Bo at Bauhinia. It was Jor-el's treat.

Funny we started with dessert, a Turon Trio with ube, candied banana and jackfruit filling.

This Tinuom na Sugpo is a revelation. I love this tiger prawn soup!

We also had Pinaputok na Boneless Bangus.

And Grilled Eggplant.

Apres, we went to see our friend Miguel. Ivan, another friend, was selling him this slimming tea. I honestly don't believe in those stuff.

Read the blurb of the tea because it's funny. The line '...make you radiant, bright and charming' crack me up!

This is Miguel.

This is Ivan.


switful said...

LOL with the slimming tea! You don't need need that.

I know someone who needs one. LOL

Jogels said...

OMG! nong Migs is here kalorkey!! Will paste this link on his FB vengalore