Wednesday, June 16, 2010

May 28

Woke up late on my 4th day in Manille. I dragged Bo, Tita Jaki and Toxic to Serendra because I wanted to check out my stocks in Backstage. We ate a late lunch (breakfast?) at Brothers Burger and I really enjoyed their fish burger. I'm so happy they gave me lots of mayo for my chips and burger. It's the best fish burger I had in a fastfood resto.

Toxic wearing a DP hoodie.

Bo Parcon

Jaki Penalosa

We went back to Eairth because I wanted to let Tita Jaki and Bo see it. I ended up buying stuff again. Kaloka!

Apres, we went to Glorietta because Tita Jaki wanted to buy stuff at Carolina's. I had the brilliant idea to check out the ukay in the MRT station. If there's ukay I'm there.

Here's Toxic in one of the stalls. Super humid and hot like an oven but we persisted.

I like this printed tee but I didn't had the urge to buy it.

This Marc Jacobs polka dot number seems Comme-ish but I didn't get it, too.

This Tsumori Chisato would have been nice except it's small for me.

In the end it was Bo who got lucky in finding this Dior Homme sling bag. WIN! I bribed him that I will exchange it with a Marc Jacobs bag of mine. It will pair nicely with the Dior Homme belt I have that looks similar to the strap of the bag.

Tired from ukay we had Starbucks at Glorietta.

Bo recommended that soap to Toxic. Keme ad kuno for the soap. Pang NYLON lang. hahaha!

I'm seriously coveting this pony hair shoes of Toxic. Lemme just point out it's too big for him but it will fit nicely on moi.

We checked out Greenbelt 5 because I wanted to buy something at Adora. Bumped into Gian Romano who's looking so thin nowadays. Inggit mode!

We then rushed to SMX to see Frederick Peralta's show. Our friends were already waiting when we arrived.

Here's Jor-el in his designs.

I love this neckpiece he created.

Here's Ria Bolivar and Tina Daniac after the show.

Everyone got hungry so we ate at Hap Chan, the popular noodle place. With Ria is Sherwin.

I had this yummy fishball mami soup. Yum!

What a way to end the day ;)


toxic disco boy said...

ang ganda ko sa 1st pic! haha. tapos naging haggard na sa soap ad. kaloka. i had so much fun with you guys! super fun talaga. ang kulit lang ni Bo. haha.

switful said...

OMG to Dior Homme. Kailangan daw yan kasi nakakapayat daw. Like DH models. LOL

Girard, i'll buy you one. Joke! hahaha