Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Move So Far

The other day I moved some of the stuff that my friends Blady and Cielo gave me for my new place. I feel so grown-up, lol! Also, for the past days I've brought a bag or two of the many stuff I have just to ease slowly into the transition of moving. Honestly, moving always overwhelms me. Maybe because I don't do it often.

Today I was also in my place supervising the installation of curtain rods for all the windows. Tomorrow we will start with making the curtains. I'm like a freakshow without the curtains. Everyone can see me! And we don't want that, lol!

I've been addicted to Indian food lately. I especially like The Indian here in Siem Reap. Some of my new faves are Fish Beryani, Fish Masala (the curry on the right), Fish Curry and Lemon Rice (the yellow rice on the left). I usually drink it with Masala Chai, which is so spicy good. It was Chef Mawa of Raffles de Angkor who suggested I order the Lemon Rice. The rice has cumin seeds, chili, parsley and lemon in it. The combined ingredients tickles the palate with an aroma that is mildly spicy with a lemony kick. It was the perfect foil for the Fish Masala or the Fish Beryani.

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