Friday, January 14, 2011

Them Finds

'Goodbye minimalism!',"declared my friend Loven after I went thrifting for 3 consecutive days. LOL! What can I say? Although I've consciously lessened the amount I bought, it's really hard to resist not hoarding when you can buy thrift clothes for 500 riels (roughly 5 pesos a piece) and bags for $2.00. Very, very, very cheap! Before I really thought Iloilo ukay is the best but I'm beginning to change my mind because I have been finding lots of cool stuff here in Siem Reap, lately. And there's not a lot of competition (walang re-sellers, hahahaha!) Here's 3 pieces I'm very happy to find:

I gasped a little when I pulled this out and saw the numbered label. I wonder from what season? Bagay for my 'minimalist' state of mind, lol!

My suki offered a new sack to open for us and this was lying on top. One of my CDG collecting friends would love this.

And this Raf Simons will go directly to my archive of contemporary designer pieces.

I learned from Hapsical that this Black Palms collection was for spring/summer 1998. The palm graphic was created by designer Franky Claeys and was also used for a Coca-Cola fashion edition can in 2003. Rave culture and Belgian New Beat music partly inspired the collection. It's probably one of the oldest Raf Simons piece I have in my collection.


Ann said...

^^, Ur one of my "inspirations" in thrifting/ukay tlg, taob ung find ko last night (CDG tee for P65--will blog about it soon!) s P5.00 worth n find mo, ^^,

toxic disco boy said...

bongga! at puro white ha. minimalism? is that something we should expect for holiday 2011? ^^

Tom said...

You're really lucky to find archive pieces for almost nothing! Really nice finds, Don.