Thursday, January 27, 2011

Red Eairth

Top: black H&M tee under an Eairth waistcoat with hammered brass safety pin

Bottom: Eairth drawstring pants

Accessories: Muji patent sneakers and American Apparel bag

Black and red reminds me of my friend Elizabeth. Her personality somehow feels as bold as red and black. It's a very graphic and strong color combo. Full of energy. I always feel energized when I wear red. I think only a strong personality can wear red all over. You can't be a wallflower in red. Everyone notices you when you wear it. I think it's avant-garde to wear red. It's so festive. The color of war and blood, too. There's a lot of things you can associate with red. The last time I was in Manila I got the Eairth vest and pants combo. It's always fun to go to their workshop and get something. Everyone there is so nice.

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Anonymous said...

Hello again.:-) I love the whole get up.:-) I happen to be (most of the time) a red, black and white person for my outfits (just because it's really easy to mix and match them). I agree that red is such an energizing color. It's my color of choice to combat the grayness of winter.:-)