Saturday, January 29, 2011

Early Morning Thrifting

I went thrifting early this morning after our 5:30am prayer time. I was sleepy after breakfast but nothing can stop me from having my fix, hahaha! It was in the market near the river going to my house. I saw an Issey Miyake shirt but it was too simple for my taste. I also found an Andrew Mckenzie jeans but I really don't need another pair. There's also a Giorgio Armani shirt in this gorgeous tan but...

What I got instead:

Katharine Hamnett button down shirt. I love the hand finishing and shell buttons. Amazing quality!

And Muji denim jacket. Minimal and utilitarian. In black denim, of course.

Have you been thrifting lately?


Ann said...

yes! I have been a busy thrifting bee lately, ^^,

Anonymous said...

I wish I can say "yes" but I still find the second-hand shops here expensive. I do have fond ukay-ukay memories and hope to do it when i come home. In the meantime, I will vicariously enjoy thrifting by reading your blog!:-)