Wednesday, September 14, 2011


A few moons ago, two of my friends celebrated their birthdays one day apart.

Romyr had an 80's theme.

I was evoking Banana Rama so pardon the hair and denim.

Franco went into the colorful, sporty look.

Adi, Mikee, Arnie and Dave.

Everyone just chilled out at Naga's Darling Darling.

Eng and Toefi.



Franco and Nara.

We surprised Toefi with a little cake the midnight of his birthday.

He celebrated at Maan's place.

It's basicallt the same pips, lol!

The birthday boy and moi.


adi said...

Saya. The past few weeks were stressful, fashion-wise.

JP said...

sexy naman ni don!!! =)