Sunday, September 04, 2011

See Right Through Me

Plastic bags has a long history with fashion and it keeps coming up in cycles every now and then. Recently, the Jil Sander clear grocery totes has been one hot item for the fashion crowd.

Here's a few of my faves from other designers:

Alexander Wang




In my case, I find it strange to carry a bag and all its contents for everyone to see. In a way you really have to be very neat, organized and minimalist to pull off the look. Imagine strangers judging you because they can see all the jumble packed in your bag. A clear one is perfect for someone I met recently who tends to forget things she puts inside her bag. One time she pulled out a stick of pork barbecue she bought a week before.

I got this Gucci clear tote recently and I love the shape and simplicity of it. The black leather bordering the frame makes it ghost like. It's like carrying a phantasm, a floating bag. I got it for $3 from the thrift shop, not bad for something Gucci, non? I'm guessing this was during Tom Ford's time designing the label.

Here, I'm using the bag paired with an all-black outift: Calvin Klein tee, DP pants and DM's shoes. My attempt in evoking 90's minimalism.

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