Friday, September 02, 2011


If I can have my way I'd dress up looking like this everyday.

I love drapes and layering. I love elements in clothing that droop, wrinkle, fold and crease. Lately, I've preferred wearing clothing that bore the effects of time. In my mind those elements make the pieces solely unique and in my world highly desirable. Even the permanent stains, holes and tatters are cause for celebration in having a truly personal collection of clothing items. There's a mindset that the new, sleek and perfect is the better choice. I say, it's more modern to create looks with pieces that look worn and used. It's more poetic!

Living in Siem Reap where it's generally sunny and hot, it's absurd for me to layer and pile on drapes all the time. There will be days when the only decent thing to wear is a tank top and shorts because it's too humid to even wear a t-shirt. But I always grab the chance whenever it's abnormaly cool, although, the most I can do is Layer Lite. Here I'm wearing a DP draped top with a Rococo vest and black Banana Republic tee.

The back of the Rococo vest has a deep scoop making it shorter than the front. It has a long sleeve before but I decided to cut it because it'll be to warm to wear. I tend to like vests because I get the layered look without my arms covered. I rarely use my jackets when I'm here in Cambodia.

This look encapsulates my idea of a uniform for myself. I feel normal when I'm wearing this kind of look. Actually, I wore this when I was about to go out and do my errands. I went to the bank, did my grocery, went to the wet market and bought vegetables, etc.

My pants is from EDITED, the rtw line I front with my friend Jaki Penalosa. The patent DM's I bought from my last trip in Bangkok proved to be the most practical buy since I've been wearing it non-stop! It's Cambodia friendly where it's dusty and muddy and all kinds of tropical terrain you can experience. Just wipe the patent surface, and voila!, it looks decent again! I'm planning to buy the classic 8 hole black leather and probably some gray ones, too.

My beltbag is from Y'saacs Homme Yohji Yamamoto, a thrift find from Japan Thrift Shop. I think I got it for $2.00 and it made me very happy


inkarlcerating said...

wer'e on the same boat!

JP said...

cute fit don...i like the relaxed fit of the shirt and the drapey vest...see u soon... xoxo