Monday, December 10, 2012

B2ST's Yoon Du Jun In Siem Reap

Earlier I went to pub street to have breakfast at Soup Dragon when I noticed a shooting going on across the restaurant. A lot of production staff milling around and getting on with their business, it's actually quite fun to see the shoot happening. Of course, I got curious who is the lead and I was pleasantly surprised it's Yoon Du Jun of B2ST! At least, he's the only one I recognized. He's the second Korean superstar I saw in Siem Reap after Rain. Too bad I couldn't take a photo of Rain when he stayed at the hotel where I curated their art gallery. The management forbid us to take photo of guests in the hotel especially celebrities.
Yoon Du Jun is the leader of popular Korean K-pop group, B2ST. I learned that it's not his first time to visit Cambodia, his first in 2009 when he shot an episode of a tv program here. Personally, the biggest surprise I learned about him is that we share the same birthday - July 4!  
Now I wonder what the shoot is for? Everyone was busy so I didn't bother to ask any of the production staff.
Anyhoot, below are some more photos I took of him.


xedapoi_65 said...

thanks for the photos. Doo Joon is filming Korean spy drama, IRIS2. he plays the role of an agent. IRIS2 shall be air on Feb 13, 2013. After filming in Hungary, the cast is now filming at Cambodia. Akita, Japan shall be their next destination in Jan 2013.

SanJi Nakthi said...

Welcome to Cambodia Doo Joon oppa :)