Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Trip To Mordor And Beyond

Woke up feeling fresh and motivated since I can feel my diet working. And I love that my skin has been clearing up since I started using Avon's AnewGenics that I got as freebie from Iloilo Designers Week.

Well, today was my second decent to Mordor, aka, trip to the dentist. I had a severe tooth infection last week that nearly drove me crazy! It was so sudden, so painful that I was too exhausted to even cry. I was at my wit's end. Pachem Dental Clinic to the rescue! Took some meds and was knocked out for like 3 days but it was all worth it because any later I would have made the infection worse. The doctor suspects it's from my frequent rhinitis allergy. Had a cocktail of antibiotics and painkillers, which left me lose my appetite. Secretly, deep inside I was celebrating because I'm on a diet. LOL!

Chic plastic lighting fixtures. It seems a girl decorated the clinic.

The walls were pink. A friend commented it looks like a dollhouse! LOL!
I need to go back again on Thursday for another procedure (And no, it's not liposuction, hahaha!). I had some scaling and polishing done. Plus, the infection is cured so there's no more pain or swelling.

Apres, I went to Soup Dragon for breakfast and that's when I saw the shooting for a Korean show. A reader commented that it's for Iris2, an action drama. I actually watched the first Iris and it was good so I'm excited to see this latest installment.

Check my previous post about seeing Du Jun of B2ST. I'm not really like a super fan of the group but I like them. I actually enjoy their song 'Fiction' and how they dress up on stage. I didn't mention Du Jun is actually my favorite in the group. I like his sensibility and he seems to be the mature one, maybe that's why he is the leader (even though he is not the oldest). I watched their Win Win guesting one time and he seems to be a fun guy. I saw them again taping near Poetry this afternoon but I was too busy to take more photos.

Despite my schedule today - stock deliveries, styling and editing, etc., I squeezed a little time to check my favorite thrift store. Got two bags, which I'll be blogging in the next post.

Passed by the grocery on my way home and I was pleasantly surprised to see one of my Filipina model crushes, Lucia Santiago, on the cover of Runner's World magazine. I'm so happy she's still active modelling!

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