Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Pattern Of Life

I'm not a fan of plaids or stripes although I do have a few stuff with the pattern. It takes a certain colorway for me to wear it because I find the fabric too lumberjack-y. Images of guys in white shirt tucked in denim jeans, with an unbuttoned plaid shirt over it. You know that look, right? But I found this really cool plaid soft cotton in black, white and red, and I thought, it'll be great for a drape-y drop crotch pants, just to shake things up with my designs

Top - Hare, bottom - DP, shoes - Y-3, accessories - Helmut Lang tote bag + ESQ shades.

My bag is a vintage Helmut Lang from when Helmut was still designing. It's one of my most treasured bags in my collection.

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