Saturday, December 29, 2012

With No Plans At All

Soap was in town so I met up with him for lunch at Moloppor. It was actually nice to be dragged out of my cave.
We had pork tonkatsu, fried squid with fresh Kampot pepper and this fried gyoza.
Apres, we had some coffee and cakes at The Upstairs Cafe.
Their chocolate cake is yum! It's dense and moist.

Soap and I plotted some work stuff for most of the afternoon. We also visited some local stores to check what we can feature in F magazine.

With really no plans we decided to try Kohkong sushi bar for an early dinner.

It's interesting to read their little guide to eating sushi.

I ordered some salmon & cream cheese sushi.

Soap got some crispy salmon skin sushi.

We then transferred to Miss Wong for some drinks.

I had Singapore Sling. Not really my usual drink but I was craving for something sweet.

The power went off suddenly so we decided to go somewhere else because it was getting hot.

We decided to check out Picasso. I've never been for the longest time.

There I had my usual drink.

Soap, Becks and me.

Not bad to spend my day.

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Jp Singson said...

bet ko yung boylet!!!